Camp Randall Accessibility

Accessible Parking

Bring Your Own Assistive Device: Please be aware that there will be a considerable amount of on-site travel required to move from the parking lot to your seat in the stadium. If you or your guest(s) requires a wheelchair or any other assistive device to travel any distance, you must bring it with you. 

A limited number of accessible parking passes in Parking Lot 17 (North of Camp Randall) are currently available. To request an accessible parking pass, please fill out the Accessible Parking Request Form (link forthcoming).

Please also refer to this Camp Randall accessibility map showing accessible entrances and shuttle stops.

Drop-Off Locations

A complimentary commencement shuttle will be available on Saturday, May 14 to transport participants and guests around campus to Camp Randall Stadium. Wheelchair accessible shuttle buses will be available on the free shuttle routes. See the campus shuttle map here. See here for other accessible parking spaces on campus. Nearly all of these lots will be available and free to the public on the day of the ceremony. Accessible parking spots are first come, first served, and no special event permit beyond a State-issued handicap placard are required to access.

Shuttle Drop-Off Locations:

University Avenue at Breese Terrace
Monroe Street near Gate 1

Seating Accommodations

Camp Randall Stadium is an open air stadium, all seats are subject to exposure from the elements – including direct sun. Please plan accordingly. Walkers, wheelchairs, and scooters are permitted in the stadium, but are not able to be stored at the stadium, and are not supplied by the university.

Wheelchair Accessible Seating Locations

Wheelchair accessible seating locations in the stadium allow access for one person in their own wheelchair and one companion (two individuals per reservation). Additional family members will need to sit separately in general seating. Please refer to this Camp Randall accessibility map to help orient to the accessible gate entrances and seating locations. Wheelchair accessible seating is limited and all seating assignments will be processed in a first come, first served manner as guests arrive at Camp Randall. To facilitate this process, we ask that guests who require wheelchair-accessible seating fill out the Accessible Seating Notification Form (forthcoming) as soon as possible.

Both guests with wheelchair accessible seating reservations and those in need of easy access seating are strongly encouraged to arrive to the stadium no later than an hour before the ceremony in order to ensure you are in your seat location for the start of the ceremony. Gates will open at 10:00 a.m., 2 hours prior to the start of the ceremony. Additionally, some wheelchair accessible seating is not on street level and will require an elevator trip.

Easy Access Seating Locations

If any member of your party has difficulty walking or using stairs or ramps but does not use a wheelchair, seating options with one, or a few stair steps are located throughout the stadium and are indicated by signs.  Easy Access seating sections are indicated on this Camp Randall accessibility map. This seating option is ideal for guests with fold up walkers or canes that are able to be placed on the ground near them.

In order to best accommodate all of our guests with limited mobility, only one companion may join the guest in this designated seating area. Additional members of your party will need to sit in general admission seating, and we ask that guests please plan accordingly.

Please note: easy access seating options in Camp Randall Stadium are bleacher-style metal benches similar to those at high school sporting events. You are welcome to bring a seatback within the parameters of the Camp Randall carry-in policy, and there are also a limited number of seat cushions available for purchase at Bucky’s Locker Room on the day of the ceremony.

Camp Randall Accessibility Map

Wheelchair accessible seating locations, easy access seating locations, and wheelchair accessible gate entrances are all identified on the Camp Randall accessibility map.

Entrances and Getting Around

Stadium staff will make every effort to accommodate guests with accessibility needs and ensure the day is an enjoyable and comfortable experience. Due to the nature of this event, we ask for your patience. We anticipate 40,000 attendees at Camp Randall Stadium, and it can take extra time to get guests in wheelchairs and with limited mobility to their designated seating areas. To facilitate this process, the Camp Randall accessibility map identifies accessible gate entrances and seating options for guests who use wheelchairs and guests with limited mobility.


Accessible restrooms are available throughout Camp Randall Stadium. Accessible family restrooms, which include flushing floor-drain urinals and diaper-changing stations, are located in concourses on the east side (fifth level), south side (end zone) and west side (third level).

Hearing Accommodations

The entire Camp Randall seating area is served by assistive-listening devices (ALDs), operating on an FM system. Individuals may pick up headsets at the Guest Services Office under Section YZ in the south end zone concourse. Use of an ALD is free, but individuals who would like to use an ALD must leave some form of collateral, such as a driver’s license or credit card, at the Guest Services Office.

Captioning services are visible at the bottom of the north scoreboard.

An American Sign Language interpreter will also be present during the ceremony. If you or someone in your group needs seating in view of the interpreter, reserved seats will need to be secured in advance of the ceremony.  Please contact the commencement office Accessibility Coordinator ( to reserve a space in the appropriate section.

Emergency Information

Message and video boards are located at both the north and south ends of the stadium to relay general information, as well as messages broadcast over the public address system. In case of an emergency, strobe lights will help alert guests with hearing-impairment. Emergency messages will also be posted on the stadium’s scoreboards. Areas of Rescue Assistance are designated areas where guests who are unable to use stairs may remain temporarily to await assistance during an emergency evacuation. Areas of Rescue Assistance are located at Elevators 4, 5, 6, and 7 on the east side of the stadium.

Contact Information

Camp Randall Stadium
1440 Monroe Street
Madison, WI 53711

For general questions, contact the Commencement Office:

For accessibility questions, contact the Accessibility Coordinator: