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University of Wisconsin–Madison
May 12 & 13, 2017


All commencement events will be fully accessible. Drop-off service and accessible seating will be available for individuals with disabilities or older guests. All guests will be able to read the captioning on the video screens. In addition, ASL interpreters will be on site in a designated area.



Accessible Parking

Accessible parking is limited, and permits are available on a first come, first served basis for those with a parking placard or license plate for people with disabilities issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  You can request a parking permit for accessibility needs.  If you also need a wheelchair ticket for the stadium, please see below under Seating Accommodations. Read a full description of accessible parking and transportation options for Camp Randall Stadium.

Accessible Drop-offs and Mobility Assistance

If you or someone in your group has limited mobility, please use the designated drop-off areas:

Corner of Regent Street and Breese Terrace
University Avenue and Breese Terrace
Monroe Street near Gate 1

Please review an accessibility map of Camp Randall to orient yourself to these locations.  Golf cart shuttle stops are present at all of these locations, with shuttles running on an as needed basis from drop off areas to the stadium. Due to the magnitude of the event, please be patient with shuttle service, as delays may be experienced. To ensure the best service, please plan on arriving to the event early for shuttle service to avoid delays. Note that golf cart shuttle rides are not able to be scheduled ahead of time due to the high demands of shuttle service, however shuttles will be constantly running to best provide for guests. Golf cart shuttles are only able to run within the limits of the immediate Camp Randall area. If additional accommodations are needed to get to seats once inside the stadium, please see below under “Guest Services”. For additional shuttle service to Camp Randall and beyond, please read a full description of accessible parking and transportation options for Camp Randall Stadium.

Seating Accommodations

For the Saturday ceremony at Camp Randall Stadium there will be three types of seating for guests:

General Seating

Graduates will be seated on the field at Camp Randall in accordance to their school, and guests will be seated in the stands. Seating for guests is first come, first served. The seats are bleacher-style metal benches similar to those at high school sporting events. You are welcome to bring a seatback, and there are also a limited number of seat cushions available for purchase at Bucky’s Locker Room on the day of the ceremony.

Easy-Access Seating

For guests who can walk short distances, but have difficulty walking long distances or climbing stairs:

  • Enter the stadium by Gate 1 (southeast corner, off Monroe Street), and take either the southeast ramp located to the right just inside of Gate 1 OR Elevator 7 located to the right, just beyond the southeast ramp, to the third or fifth level.
  • Gate 10 on the southwest side of the stadium is also accessible; however, please note that there is no elevator at this entrance. Easy access seating is available either by utilizing the southwest ramp to the left of Gate 10 up to Sections A-H or by proceeding down the ramp inside the gate through the South End Zone concourse to the Gate 1 area, where Elevator 7 is located near the southeast ramp.
  • Several rows will be designated at the top of each section and marked as “easy access” seats. No tickets are needed. We ask that these seats be used only by guests who have limited mobility and one companion seat.

Wheelchair Seating

Accessible seating at Camp Randall will require a physical event ticket, with assigned seating. Accessible seating tickets are now available through an online accessible ticket request form. Upon successful completion of the request form, requests will be processed and responded to accordingly. Tickets are assigned on a first come first served basis. Due to space limitations, each accessible seating ticket requested will include one (1) companion ticket.

Accessible Seating Ticket Request Form

Beginning Monday, March 6th 2017, an online accessible seating ticket request form will be available. The form requires guests to select one of the following options in accordance to their needs:

-reserved seating in order to view ceremony from a wheelchair ONLY

-a disabled parking permit for Lot 17, near Camp Randall (only available for those with state issued disabled parking permits or plates)

-BOTH reserved seating as well as a parking permit

Once preferences are selected, guest are then asked to provide their name and mailing address. A space is also provided for any comments, questions, or concerns. Upon completion of the survey, an email confirmation will be received. After ticket requests have been processed, guests will be mailed a packet of their tickets and/or permits, along with additional helpful information. Please contact us for further clarification or additional questions.

Guest Services

Guest Services staff, wearing bright yellow vests, will be available at gates and accessible drop-off points to assist in transporting guests to seating areas within the stadium. Golf carts and wheelchairs will be available on-site for assistance. Wheelchair escorts are available inside the stadium throughout the event. Guest Service staff will have wheelchairs with them, but the wheelchairs will stay with the staff as they need them to assist other people. The staff will be very busy commencement day, so please be patient as you may have to wait to be assisted. Please refer to our Accessibility Drop-Offs and Mobility section for further information.

No storage is available at Camp Randall for wheelchairs, walkers, motorized carts, or any other type of mobility device, including strollers. Please plan ahead as these devices cannot be stored on the concourse.

Entrances and Getting Around

Accessible entry to the stadium is available through Gates 1. Elevator 7, located to the left of Gate 1 once inside, on the east side of the stadium, is the designated elevator for individuals with disabilities or for those who have difficulty walking. The elevator accesses the third and fifth levels. Gate 10, off of Breese Terrace, does allow access to Elevator 7, however please note that some walking will be required in order to get from the west side of the stadium (where Gate 10 is located) to the east side (where Elevator 7 is).

Please note Camp Randall’s carry-in policy before attending the event to ensure the best possible experience.  Please review an accessibility map of Camp Randall to orient yourself to the area as well.


Accessible restrooms are available throughout Camp Randall Stadium. Accessible family restrooms, which include flushing floor-drain urinals and diaper-changing stations, are located in concourses on the east side (fifth level), south side (end zone) and west side (third level).

Hearing Accommodations

The entire Camp Randall seating area is served by assistive-listening devices (ALDs), operating on an FM system. Individuals may pick up headsets at the Guest Services Center under Section YZ in the south end zone concourse. Use of an ALD is free, but individuals who would like to use an ALD must leave some form of collateral, such as a driver’s license or credit card, at the Guest Services Center.

Captioning services are visible at the bottom of the north scoreboard.

An American Sign Language interpreter will also be present during the ceremony. If you or someone in your group needs seating in view of the interpreter, please contact commencement staff to reserve a space in the appropriate section.

Messages and Emergency Information

Message and video boards are located at both the north and south ends of the stadium to relay general information, as well as messages broadcast over the public address system. In case of an emergency, strobe lights will help alert hearing-impaired guests. Emergency messages will also be posted on the stadium’s scoreboards. Areas of Rescue Assistance are designated areas where guests who are unable to use stairs may remain temporarily to await assistance during an emergency evacuation. They are located at Elevators 4, 5, 6, and 7 on the east side of the stadium.


Contact Information

Commencement staff:



Kohl Center Accessibility

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking is limited. Read a full description of accessible parking and transportation options for the Kohl Center.

Drop-off Locations

The drop-off location for the Kohl Center is on Dayton Street, directly in front of Gate A, or the main entrance. There will be golf carts services assisting people from drop-off locations and nearby lots to the entrances. Anyone in need of wheelchair services can call Guest Services at 608-263-5645 on the day of the event. Guest Service wheelchairs must remain with staff at all times.

Seating Accommodations

If you or anyone in your party is in need of accessible seating or assistance, we recommend arriving early as the seating will be determined on a first come, first served basis. Accessible seating is limited to only those guests who require it. The seats will be for the person with accessible needs and for one companion. No pre-ticketing will occur for accessible seating.

Wheelchair Seating Locations

Wheelchair and wheelchair companion locations are scattered throughout the main level concourse (Kohl Concourse or 100 level), and the upper level (Kellner Concourse or 200 level).

Entrances and Getting Around

Street-level entry to the building is through Gate A off Dayton Street or Gate B between the Ticket Office and Bucky’s Locker Room. Passenger elevators with priority for persons with disabilities are near Gates A and B. Wheelchair escorts to and from seats and gates are available through Guest Services, located in the Kohl Concourse near Section 119. Due to the high demand during this event, wheelchairs will be provided only for transport purposes.


The 28 public restrooms and six family restrooms are accessible and all contain diaper-changing stations. Two of the restrooms are in the Nicholas-Johnson Pavilion. The restrooms have touchless faucets and flush valves. The family restrooms have floor-mounted urinals. There is a breast feeding room located in the woman’s bathroom near Section 119.  To access, please visit the Guest Services office near Section 119.


All concession stands are accessible; most also have a lower counter section. Public drinking fountains in concourse areas are the hi-low accessible style and are located in Sections 113, 117, 205, 211, 219, and 225.

Hearing Accommodations

The seating area is served by assistive listening devices (ALD) on an FM system. Individuals may pick up headsets at the Guest Services Office near Section 119 and must leave some form of collateral, such as a driver’s license while using the ALD.

Captioning will be available throughout the ceremony and an American Sign Language Interpreter will be located near section 121. Those in need of the interpreter should contact us so that we can set aside seats in that section.

Messages and Emergency Information

Two message boards, located at opposite sides of the bowl, will relay general information and message that are broadcast over the Public Address system. In case of an emergency, strobe lights will help alert the deaf and those who are hard of hearing. Emergency messages will also be posted on the Kohl Center scoreboard.

Contact Information

The Kohl Center
601 West Dayton Street
Madison, WI 53715-1206
(608) 263-5645