Request for visitation letter?

You can obtain an invitational letter through the International Student Services. Their website will provide you with more information and the form with how to do so.

When do I receive my diploma and cover?

Your diploma will be mailed after grades have been entered, 6-8 weeks after commencement. Update your address to ensure it delivers to the correct location. Graduates participating in the Friday ceremony at the Kohl Center …

Will there be a live stream of the ceremony?

The commencement ceremony will be streamed live online. The ceremony will be streamed through the University’s YouTube channel. A YouTube display will appear on the commencement home page about 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony. Archived …

How do I apply to graduate?

Visit the Student Center’s instruction page. Master’s and Ph.D. students can also find information on the Graduate School’s “Completing Your Degree” webpage.