Senior Class Gift

The Senior Class Office has selected the Social Justice Hub at UW–Madison as the Class of 2021 Senior Class Gift.

The Social Justice Hub supports UW-Madison and the surrounding community by empowering student voices, uplifting communities, promoting equity and accessibility, and spearheading campus collaborations. With a rich history of student advocacy, the Social Justice Hub has always been a place for students to grow, learn and build relationships. Learn more about the Senior Class Gift here.

You can support the Senior Class Gift and watch your email for more information about additional opportunities to learn more and get involved.

The Senior Class Officers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are pictured in their commencement gowns in Camp Randall Stadium on March 9, 2021. (Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison)

Senior Class Office, Class of 2021

Alec Bukowiec, President

Paige Schultz, Vice President

Dalila Ricci, Events Director

Lusayo Mwakatika, Philanthropy Director

Calli Hughes, Communications Director

Visit the Senior Class Office website